Poly-Med provides fully traceable, medical-grade polymers and filaments for additive manufacturing. Our materials offer distinct advantages by their unique properties based on their composition, architecture, and desired performance.
Poly-Med’s bioresorbable materials are not only guaranteed to have the best quality standards, they also provide innovative properties that yield a better printing experience, coupled with enhanced part functionality. With over 910 polymer solutions we are continuously developing bioresorbable materials for your device needs.



Poly-Med uses medical-grade, fully traceable raw materials in the production of all polymer and filament products. All raw materials are tested for purity and quality specifications.


To ensure the best possible filament, materials are extensively dried to minimize moisture in the polymer, which can lead to degradation during extrusion.


Our custom built equipment provides ideal processing to minimize material degradation and provide the best properties for 3D printing filaments.


We perform 100% inspection of 3D filaments in real time to ensure size and concentricity are met.

Poly-Med is an FDA and ISO 13485 registered company that operates a manufacturing facility in compliance to 21 CFR Part 820, Quality System Regulation. Because we have the ability to see our products from raw monomer to extruded 3D filament, our quality assurance standards are ingrained in the very core of our company.

All 3D filaments are further inspected and assessed for molecular properties to ensure consistent and repeatable printing. Our materials are tested for molecular weight, monomer content, and thermal properties.

As all of our bioresorbable polymers degrade by hydrolytic degradation, minimizing water content is of the utmost importance for enhancing 3D filament shelf life and maintaining functionality. All products are thoroughly dried to less than 1000 ppm moisture and hermetically packaged in foil.

The final product! Enjoy printing a first-in-class 3D filament that can be used for bioresorbable scaffolding and device development on your own 3D printer!

Poly-Med provides a variety of filaments for 3D printing applications. These fibers are the only biocompatible and bioresorbable 3D printing filaments supported by an ISO 13485 certified quality system.

Poly-Med filaments are synthesized, extruded, inspected, packaged and shipped using fully traceable processes.


Currently, we offer the polymers listed below, or, if your project needs a different material, we can provide a custom material solution for your 3D printing applications. Contact us sales@poly-med3d.com

  • G = Glycolide
  • L = Lactide
  • D = Dioxanone
  • PEG = Polyethylene Glycol
  • TMC = Trimethylene Carbonate
  • C = Caprolactone
  • PPS = Polypropylene succinate
  • Caproprene™ 100M

    Caproprene™ 100M provides a fully traceable medical grade alternative to PCL filaments currently available. Caproprene™ 100M offers our longest lasting strength and mass retention while providing a more flexible and softer option, compared to our Lactoprene® 100M.

  • Lactoprene® 100M

    Lactoprene® 100M provides a fully traceable medical grade alternative to PLA filaments currently available. Lactoprene® 100M offers long lasting strength and mass retention making it ideal for printing applications where long-term structural integrity needs to be maintained.

  • Dioxaprene® 100M

    Dioxaprene® 100M provides the recognized performance of PDO-based polymers. Polydioxanone polymers are utilized for their extended strength retention coupled wtih flexibility.

  • Max-Prene® 955

    Max-Prene® 955 provides the recognized performance of PGLA copolymers tailored for the most demanding applications.